Case Studies

JNC International Limited

The management of JNCI desired to reposition the company to take advantage of the prevailing opportunities and for future growth after attending an alumni session at the Lagos Business School on Performance Management where Mr. Kayode Sufianu, was invited as the guest speaker. Thereafter, the company decided to build and implement balanced scorecard as a tool to achieving it much desired growth.

The first step was to organize a one-day BSC workshop for 18 management staff of JNCI for the purpose of appreciating the concept of Balanced Scorecard. The company also sent 7 delegates to our open BSC Professional Certification Program in readiness of the development of its scorecards.

  • Using our fast track approach and working with in-house cross-functional teams, facilitated development of enterprise strategic plan using the balanced scorecard methodology
  • Facilitated development of department scorecards for 10 departments and business units
  • Assisted with the review of communication and rollout plans for the scorecard systems.
  • Assisted with the review of Performance Measure dictionary in readiness for automation of the performance management
  • Installed QuickScore Performance Information System and assisted with streamlining and input of measurement data