Case Studies

Bank of Uganda (BOU)

Bank of Uganda (BOU) strategic plan 2012 – 2017 was developed using the balanced scorecard methodology. The Bank with the desire to evaluate the strategic management system released an international RFP and invited BSWA to submit a proposal, after which we were selected as the preferred bidder.

The evaluation was in two parts – strategy effectiveness evaluation and strategic management system evaluation. Key aspects of the assignment included:

  • Working with an in-house project team, designed and administered 2 surveys – i) strategy communication survey to test effectiveness of staff understanding of the strategy and ii) strategic management maturity level survey to assess the maturity of the Bank in strategic management
  • Conducted structured interviews with Executive Management (Deputy Governor & Executive Directors) and Directors to assess leadership engagement in strategy formulation and execution, and use of performance reports in decision making
  • Reviewed the overall performance of the Bank vis a vis the enterprise strategic objectives and how balanced scorecard has assisted in delivering on the Bank’s core mandate and in shaping behaviours
  • Reviewed the alignment of departments and individual scorecards with the enterprise strategy and pointed out learnings for next strategic plan
  • Reviewed systems of performance reporting and analysis
  • Evaluated the scorecard system components and recommended changes for next plan
  • Led Leadership workshop to present interim findings and receive inputs into final report

BSWA was also contracted to run PuMP Performance Measure Blueprint workshop for staff of Strategy and Quality Assurance. We conducted a 2-Day in-house PuMP workshop for 7 SQA staff including the Director targeted at increasing the Team’s skills in performance measurement and performance analysis so that they are enabled to provide support in these areas to the whole Bank.