Become A Balanced Scorecard Professional

Course Overview

This course combines the Institute’s Introduction to the Balanced Scorecard) and Advanced Balanced Scorecard into a fast-paced five-day course. The Institute’s Nine Steps to Success framework is the basis of the course, where the emphasis is on shared participant experiences, lessons learned, and best practices. Small-group exercises are used for each step in the framework to reinforce the lectures, and
participants are encouraged to bring their organization’s strategic planning material to share with the class and receive instructor feedback offline as time permits.

Topics covered by the course include:
 Basic concepts of the balanced scorecard and how it can be used to improve organization performance
 How the balanced scorecard applies to different types of organizations
 How to build and implement a balanced scorecard using the Institute’s award winning nine-step methodology
 How to develop meaningful performance measures and targets
 How a system can drive a performance-informed budget and accountability
 How to get performance information throughout the organization to better inform decision making through scorecard automation
 How to cascade the scorecard to all levels of an organization
 How to design and implement a scorecard where other frameworks have already been introduced
 How to revise poorly designed scorecard elements
 How to overcome obstacles and real world challenges
 How to evaluate planning documents and processes

Who Should Attend
This course is recommended for executives, managers, planners and analysts who are part of a balanced scorecard development team and/or are seeking the best practical ideas for improving organizational performance.

Course Benefits
 Participants will understand key concepts of the balanced scorecard, and why it is gaining so much attention in corporate, nonprofit, and governmental organizations.
 Participants will learn a systematic, practical nine-step methodology for building and implementing the balanced scorecard, based on the Institute’s international balanced scorecard consulting experience.
 Participants will receive a Performance Scorecard Toolkit with worksheets for each step of the methodology, Institute’s newly published book, The Institute Way, and a CD with course and reference materials.

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