Bank of Ghana

The Bank of Ghana (Ghana’s central bank) released an international RFP for Consultancy Contract for the adoption of Balanced Scorecard Methodology in Strategic Planning and Management. BSWA planned the contract execution and facilitated the set up of various cross-functional teams to work with our team. We trained a total of 88 Directors and Managers of the Bank in Balanced Scorecard Certification and Balanced Scorecard Introduction programs. The trained staff constituted the core of the in-house cross-functional teams.

We commissioned a macroeconomic study of Ghana and facilitated the conduct of organizational assessment using PESTEL model, carried out customer needs analysis, developed Customer Value Proposition and Strategy Profile.  We also facilitated the review and revalidation of the Bank’s Core Values, its Mission and Vision statements, developed the Strategic Themes and related Strategic Results which were consolidated to develop the Bank’s Enterprise Strategy Map.

We assisted in developing a face for the Bank’s strategy (STAR 2022), in developing a change management and communication plan and the launch of STAR 2022. We also facilitated the training and working sessions for the development of Tier 2 scorecards for 20 departments and six regional offices.

The project was concluded with the cascading to Tier 3 in November, 2018