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Launch of the Export Trading Strategy for Africa

At the presentation and launch of Export Trading Strategy for Africa sponsored by African Export Import Bank. The launch was on the sideline of the Bank’s AGM in Moscow, June 2019. Mr. Sufianu received the [...]

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Aligning Individual Jobs to Corporate Strategy

No matter how beautiful the strategy of an organization, if not well executed, it will fail.  People (employees) are required to make strategy actionable. So without people, strategy cannot be implemented. Therefore, it is important [...]

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Strategic Planning and Execution: The Bank of Ghana Experience

Introduction Effective Strategic planning and execution is the foundation for achieving success in any organization, whether government or private enterprise. Failure to plan is planning to fail. Meanwhile, many organizations that plan, and exert so [...]

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Balanced Scorecard Basics

“No better way to execute strategy than using the balanced scorecard!” Performance management is key to make all organizations successful because it is based on how strategy is executed. Therefore, with the aim to improve [...]

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Bad KPI Habits

"When we take the right approach to measuring performance, it becomes easier and faster. But it also becomes more meaningful and engaging. That means we reach our targets sooner, and with less effort." On [...]

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Performance Management

Every organisation, no matter how small or how big, require people and processes to run. How efficiently an organisation runs, however, depends on many factors such as lack of clear cut communication, competence issues, lack [...]

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