Central Securities Depository (GH) Ltd

CSD wanted to implement balanced scorecard as its strategic management system and approached BSWA to assist with development of Strategic Plan, 2020 – 2024, based on balanced scorecard Framework.

  • Ran Balanced Scorecard intro training for 14 project team members and heads of departments
  • Conducted external situation analysis, including Ghana financial sector analysis, structured discussions with key external stakeholders – depository participants, Ghana Stock Exchange, Securities & Exchange Commission, etc. and internal situation analysis including staff survey and identified key planning issues.
  • Worked with in-house Project Team to review and revalidate the CSD’s strategic foundation elements including mission, vision, customer value proposition, strategy canvas and facilitated strategy formulation, i.e., the strategic themes
  • Worked with in-house strategic theme teams to develop theme scorecards which were later consolidated as the Enterprise Strategy (Tier 1)
  • Cascaded the Tier 1 strategy to 6 departments
  • Facilitated development of SMART Objective Scorecards for 32 employees of the