Performance Management

Balanced Scorecard West Africa assists clients in developing and implementing integrated balanced scorecard strategic planning and performance management systems. With rigorous execution of the plan and consistent measurement of performance results and reporting, many of our clients have witnessed improvement in performance. This is unsurprising and consistent with several studies on the importance of performance measurement.

Measurement-managed organizations, that is, those organizations that have adopted strategic and balanced set of KPIs in implementing their plans, in their operations and processes have consistently outperformed those that are non-measurement managed. The measurement-managed organizations exhibit key features – they set clear performance results and ensure that those results are effectively communicated and aligned across the organization, they have agreed upon KPIs for those results, and ensure that the KPIs are balanced between financial and non-financial measures. Those organizations also have the practice of rigorous performance reporting and analysis. These are the features that stand out those organizations and explain why they achieve superior and sustainable financial and non-financial performance including improvement in performance culture, more effective communication and teamwork, and increasing willingness of employees to take on challenges.

Our engagements with clients are informed and guided by these well-proven findings and explain why most of them have progressed with their business.