Case Studies

Transport Services Ltd

Transport Services Limited (TSL) is one of the leading product handling companies in Nigeria that delivers value added logistic and distribution services. In an attempt to reposition the company and improve performance, it decided to implement balanced scorecard but its experience working with different consultants was bad. Undaunted, the management decided to take the bull by the horn to build internal capacity in BSC and bought and distributed copies of Kaplan and Norton’s Translating Strategy into Action, to members of executive leadership. Fortuitously, the Managing Director saw a BSWA training advertisement and decided to send one of the executives to attend to “explore” it.

That was the beginning of what has turned out to be a journey of how best to develop a shared vision of an organization’s strategy. After the public training, the first part of a formal consulting engagement with TSL was a 2-day customized BSC executive workshop for all members of senior management, followed by development of enterprise balanced scorecard using our fast-track methodology working with in-house cross-functional teams. Then followed cascading of the enterprise scorecard to Departments and development of a communication plan.

In view of extensive in-house BSC capacity built through BSWA’s all-involving approach and self-help efforts, the company was able to turn the strategic balanced scorecard into TIMS (TSL Integrated Management System), with which it has been able to effectively communicate the new strategy and secure much wider shared understanding of the strategy among the employees.